This is the form to submit a basic, free anniversary announcement. To submit this form electronically or to upgrade, for a fee, to a deluxe announcement with more information and a photograph see

Bride’s full name (Partner 1 if same-sex marriage) _______________________________

of (city, state) _________________________________________________________________


Groom’s full name (Partner 2 if same-sex marriage) _____________________________


of (city, state) _________________________________________________________________

Wedding date _________________________________________________________________

Venue ________________________________________________________________________

Location of venue (city, state) __________________________________________________

Parents of the bride (or Partner 1)* _____________________________________________

(city, state of residence) _______________________________________________________

Parents of the groom (or Partner 2)* ____________________________________________

(city, state of residence) _______________________________________________________

* Please use first and last names of all parents and indicate if deceased or divorced, including city and state of residence. Couple will reside in (city, state)_________________________________________________________________________

Please use the title “Dr.” only when referring to a physician. Signature, address and daytime phone number of person submitting this form:

Address _____________________________________________________________________


Daytime phone _______________________________________________________________


Email address ________________________________________________________________


Signed _______________________________________________________________________

Submit to:

Wedding Editor

P.O. Box 164086

Little Rock, AR 72216

Ph: (501) 773-1824

Email: weddings@


Announcements are for anniversaries.


Complete this form and send it to the Wedding Editor so that it reaches the above address at least two weeks before the anniversary date.



The deadline to submit forms is two weeks before publication. Announcements will be published Fridays in the High Profile Section on a space available basis.

Note: Publication of wedding announcements is a service provided to our readers. Announcements are printed on a space-available basis. Publication is subject to submissions meeting deadlines as well as the judgment of CentralArkansas Press.