8 compelling reasons to advertise with

Central Arkansas Press

The 'Voice'

By virtue of its mere existence and mission, Central Arkansas Press is the print media voice of the Black community. No other media outlet in print or online has the immediate reach or influence.


Central Arkansas Press will penetrate the Black target audience more efficiently than any newspaper in central Arkansas, reaching more than 50% of Black adults in the area.

20,000 Strong, Audited, and Well-Read

C.A.C. audited, Central Arkansas Press is guaranteed to have the lowest return rate of any complimentary weekly newspaper in the state of Arkansas.

Increased Circulation

While all other local weeklies and the general market dailies are decreasing in circulation, Central Arkansas Press’ print circulation will explode with acceptance and appeal and make it the largest independently-owned weekly newspaper in the entire state of Arkansas.

Extensive Distribution Network

Central Arkansas Press has strategically identified an extensive and highly calibrated network of distribution points throughout central Arkansas for its print publication.

Unduplicated Readers

On average, nearly 3/4 of all Central Arkansas Press readers are not exposed to Arkansas' sole general market daily newspaper.

The Press is central Arkansas' top local media website targeting Black Americans.

By the 1st quarter of 2018, Central Arkansas Press will be one of the top five most-visited media websites in central Arkansas among all major local media, with more than 50,000+ unique visitors. and more than 1 million hits each month.


Consistent, Loyal Customers

Central Arkansas Press’ readers will prove to be loyal patrons of business that advertise in print and online, because they will appreciate being respected and not taken for granted